Restoration of old Photos

Do you want to revive your old memories on perhaps damaged photos?

Fine Art

Painting, photography, drawing, sketching, creating…


I love to capture moments, to make photographs instead of just taking them. How can I serve you?

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I'm a maker, a photographer, an artist, a designer. I love creating works of beauty, that will last.


Laser Engraving and Cutting

Featuring a 130W CO2 Laser tube and 1000x15000mm table I can engrave and in some cases cut a large range of materials.

Page Layout

Do you have a text that you want to be laid out so that it can be printed and published? I can do Page Layout and design for you.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design services ranging from Fliers, business cards, logos, …


Handcrafting objects from wood and restoring traditional woodworking tools


10 Year EKC Anniversary

Evangelijska krščanska cerkev just celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary. It is a wonderful blessing to be part of this community, a group […]

EKC Evening Easter Service

Yesterday, on March 31, 2024, an evening Easter worship service of the Evangelical Christian Church (EKC) took place at Antonov Dom in […]

Zapiši Besedo notebook, 2023 Edition

Guess what? The Bible Society of Slovenia has just unleashed a brand-new edition of the Zapiši Besedo notebook that I designed for […]

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Graphic Design by Matic Jelovčan
Photo: Matic Jelovčan, © Some Rights Reserved (CreativeCommons BY-NC-SA)
"It's been very grim, but there seems to be something on the horizon..."
Tanki pred Gimnazijo Kranj in Majdičevo vilo na Koroški cesti
Photo by Matic Jelovčan, MJ Design, © All Rights Reserved

Matic Jelovčan is the easiest guy on earth to work with. If you’ve had to deal with graphic designers as I have, you know what a blessing this is 🙂

Benjamin Siter Project Manager, Family and Life Slovenia

I am grateful for all your amazing photos.

Halie O’Ryan Singer

Matic Jelovčan is a diligent and a willing colleague. He has been an indispensable part of what we do at the Bible Society of Slovenia. His design skills have improved and modernized our visual identity and have breathed freshness into the design and layout of our various printed matter and especially the Bible. He has also been a tremendous help in setting up our web presence and in maintaining some of out IT. His quick learning abilities and independence in self-education have been extremely useful, as he finds solutions to many obstacles on his own, thus enabling uninterrupted work of others in the Bible Society of Slovenia. We are also grateful for its flexibility, as he can do a lot of things well even under tight deadlines and under pressure. We like cooperating with Matic.

Matjaž Črnivec General Secretary, Bible Society of Slovenia

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