Dovetailed Jewelry Box

Finally a post with a photo gallery of a wooden Jewelry Box that I had made, that was commissioned and already sold and delivered. Man, did I enjoy building it. Though I will admit, that I underestimated how long it will take me to build it. But the most important thing is that I built it even more beautifully than I had hoped for and I overdid myself in making it. It is the most complex and detailed piece I had built thus far out of wood and I’m proud about it.

The box is made of mostly European Walnut, which came from that pile of wood I brought from my grandparent’s attic (those of you who follow my Instagram feed will know which post I’m referring to). The inside insert-drawer (or whatever that is called) is constructed from plum wood and oak sides and dovetailed together. The Lid and the bottoms of inserts and of the drawer are made of high grade 4mm birch plywood, and the bottom is made out of high grade 10mm beech plywood lined with black felt. The inside lining is made of light grey saten cloth that is heat fused to felt layer and glued in place. The entire box is assembled with only hide glue. The reason I chose hide glue is because it’s reversible and if any repairs must be made in the future (which I hope they won’t), it will be easy to make them. Most of the box was made with hand tools, with the exception of some rough dimensioning tasks and thicknessing. The feet are screwed in place and the felt bottom allows for dampening as well as the ability of the feet to be set if the final surface, on which it will sit, will be uneven. The top is laser engraved with initials of the owner and a art nouveau inspired graphic. The bottom drawer has an old brass pull, that was salvaged from some vintage, long gone, cabinetry. The bottom and the inside compartment currently lack dividers, because we agreed with the new owner, that if they will need them for a specific use, I will add some at that time.

I am really happy how it turned out.