New Bible Designs for the Bible Society of Slovenia

Over the last year I’ve been working on new designs of quite a few of the new reprints of the Bibles, some completely new and some with more variety in covers.

I’d therefore like to present you with these in a few sets:

1. Study Bibles haven’t been updated in many years. They needed to keep some of the modern layout, but remain scholarly. It features new covers, is lighter than previously and has newly updated end sheets in the luxury edition and updated maps in the hardcover ones.


2. Hardcover and Luxury Edition of the Bible without Apocrypha is also one of the editions that hasn’t been updated in a long time. It was time to put on a new cover, redesigned end-sheets in the luxury edition, ribbon and it now also includes the reading plans with check-boxes.


3. New Pocket Bible Editions with the zipper are of the same format as the ones I had already worked on (like the red one, which is a reprint with updated cover, which was necessary due to new Logo of the Bible Society), except with completely new bi-color covers that cover the larger spread of the market, including redesigned end-sheets and new bookmarks.