Designing stamps, envelope and a seal

Tourist Office of Kamnik annually organizes events surrounding clothing heritage in Slovenia. This year I got to design stamps, envelope and a seal that the postal services will be using in commemoration of the event.

The first thing to design were stamps that were first to be used for promo and some fundraising.

Since the event is focusing on folklore and surrounding attire, and since people who tend to be interested in this sorts of events, I decided to bring some history back to life by colorizing the images with colors that would have been used on those kinds of garments. I did this in collaboration with Bojan Knific, who is the foremost  expert on these things in Slovenia. The image of three men in traditional clothing was created from a scan of a public domain photograph from a private collection, whereas the one of the three young ladies is based on an image from the collection of Slovene Ethnographical Museum.

Next, I got a request to design the back of an envelope. Considering the color theme and the request not to make the design go beyond the edge into the bleed, I decided to draw a composite of both images into one drawing.

Following the envelope I also got to design the seal that the Post office will use on that day. Here the way ink behaves had to be taken into account. Big inked surfaces are not ideal, hence the solution with hatching in the squares was devised.

During the process, TIC Kamnik also hired me to design a promotional cover from their internal photographic repository to be used in a magazine:


If you are wondering why the change in titles, it is because of the unfortunate situation which Covid restrictions have caused. The Event had to have been scaled down from a full festival to a smaller event carrying only a simple title.



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