New Colours, Refreshed Design, New Materials… Reprints of the Slovene Bible

It’s amazing how quickly time flies. It hasn’t been a year and reprints with new colour choices and some design alterations were needed for refreshed 2023 collection of reprints of the Bible in Slovene (SSP).

First this is how the luxury edition turned out. This time it’s the first time, that it is printed in white leather. 

The red faux leather (PU) was also added to the collection, as was the red balacron hardover and this time new shade of brown, also hardcover:

Last but not least, the pocket edition was done in three new variants: white, turquise-brown and blue-silver (this one will surely sell out as did the pink one of the previous round). 

Should you wish to buy them, you can order through me, and I’ll get a small commission, or directly on the Bible Society of Slovenia website.