Liberty Seminars 2016

Last year I attended Liberty Seminars as mere attendee, this year as alumni, and once again took a role of a photographer. That was especially true ouside the time of lectures, which were so interesting, that I didn’t have to, be the photographer all the time. The event was organized by Društvo Svetilnik and Visio Institute.

The event, Liberty Seminars, is a great opportunity for libertarians and people who love liberty to get to know core ideas, meet people with similar views, have awesome conversations about real problems and accompanying solutions and furthermore to spend some quality time discussing ideas that shape society with some very influential people as well as with very learned individuals.

Overall, a great experience. Did I mention, that the scenery around the venue is always gorgeous?

Here only a short selection of photos will be published. The attendees can send me a message down through footer contact form, however, to get more.