20161112 DSC01481 830x553 - Business Seminar "Uspešno poslovno življenje"

Business Seminar “Uspešno poslovno življenje”

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In collaboration with kristjanvposlu.si I yesterday attended and photographed a business seminar “Uspešno poslovno življenje” (ang. Successful Business Life). Photos can be bought for 17€ on a DVD or 15€ in a digital download (more info per request on email). Also, if you like what you see, and want to support these kinds of projects, consider […]

Custom Axe Handle | Matic Jelovčan Design

Custom Axe Handle

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Many people don’t know that, but I love old tools. A lot of those tools are usually in a quite terrible condition. Axes are among those tools that people don’t treat well. Couple days ago, for instance, I restored two axes that my grandma dunked in water so that wood would expand. Wood of course […]

Merry Christmas... 2

Merry Christmas…

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To you, who are reading this, I wish you the most merriest Christmas and a blessed New Year 2016. May your long held wishes come to life and may this upcoming year be full of joyous moments. Tebi, ki bereš, želim prav posebno čudovit božič in blagoslovljeno novo leto 2016. Naj se ti uresnčijo dolgo skrite […]