DSC08954 web 830x553 - Plumb Bob

Plumb Bob

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As I was cleaning things last week, I found two brass bobs. I didn’t know what they were, but assumed that they were for checking for plumb. So I looked on the interwebs and realized I was correct. They indeed were two small Plumb Bobs. So I decided to clean them up, release the milimeter […]

2017 04 26 11.33.54 DSC00175 Large 830x554 - Woodcraft and other updates

Woodcraft and other updates

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Those of you, who have been following me on other channels or privately already know, that I’ve been working with wood for quite some time now. I really love working with wood and making things. Unfortunately I’m low on budget and thus can’t work with wood as much as I would like. That is due […]

Custom Axe Handle | Matic Jelovčan Design

Custom Axe Handle

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Many people don’t know that, but I love old tools. A lot of those tools are usually in a quite terrible condition. Axes are among those tools that people don’t treat well. Couple days ago, for instance, I restored two axes that my grandma dunked in water so that wood would expand. Wood of course […]