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Tipi is up…

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I’m finally home after a long day’s work. For those who don’t know I like to help with camps in the summer. The following summer is going to be no different. Everything, however, has to start somewhere. This year my dear friend Darja couldn’t get the same place as last year. Instead we’ll have camps […]

Preparations for the summer 7

Preparations for the summer

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As you saw the title you probably thought: “this guy is already preparing for summer? Come on dude, it’s still relatively cool outside. Is he going somewhere?…” No, I’m not going anywhere, and yes it can still be very cold around here. Some mountaintops are actually still covered with snow. Crazy, right? Anyways… today’s afternoon […]

Video Teaser - Jezikavka and Blue Mane

Video Teaser – Jezikavka and Blue Mane

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One more video project finished. This is a teaser trailer for Jezikavka summer camps: www.jezikavka.com www.blue-mane.org   No pa je še en video projekt končan. Upam, da vam bo všeč in če poznate koga, ki bi rad poslal svoje otroke na tabor, naj obišče spodnje povezave. Video trailer za tabore v režiji Modre grive in […]



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Yesterday I just came home from the Horse&English Camp by Jezikavka, that was situated on Kožljek by Cerknica. I helped out with english with three boys. I also photographed and documented, what was going on. I will publish photos as soon as I edit them. Včeraj sem prišel domov iz tabora Jezikavka, ki je bil na Kožljeku pri […]