Preparations for the summer

Preparations for the summer 7

As you saw the title you probably thought: “this guy is already preparing for summer? Come on dude, it’s still relatively cool outside. Is he going somewhere?…” No, I’m not going anywhere, and yes it can still be very cold around here. Some mountaintops are actually still covered with snow. Crazy, right? Anyways… today’s afternoon I spent a wonderful Sunday with my friends on Bloke. I don’t remember having written about it on this blog before, but my friend Darja bought a place that she is converting into a ranch. Couple months ago David Hudnik and I prepared a video for her, so that she will be able to use it for fundraising.

You see, one thing that she does is teaching languages, and as she has done for couple summers now, she also does Summers Camps. Now she is going to be able to provide even more space, resources and her big heart. She will finally be able to have them on her own terms and on her own place. Oh, and did I mention horses? Yap, she’s got four horses now and she also teaches how to ride ’em.

So that’s where I visited today. And since I know of someone else who will have a relatively free (so far) summer to join the Camp. Though it was windy and cold, Anelisa and I enjoyed every second of walking around the huge place and hanging out with Polšak family talking about the future, especially this upcoming summer. I can’t wait.