Liberty Seminars 2015, Bohinj

Liberty Seminars 2015, Bohinj 82

Last year was the first time I was invited to attend Liberty Seminars, but since I was away in Netherlands for the Bible Society of Slovenia, I was unable to attend. This year this was not the case. I signed up and cheerfully awaited the week. I was so excited, that I completely missed the note on the required reading about the chapter instead of the entire book and so I read all three books, except of course the 600+ page libertarian encyclopedia. I did that even though I had almost no time to do so (only one day). The thing is, that I came back from Škrabče, where I had spent my summer, just a day before leaving for Liberty Seminars.

I really really enjoyed the Seminars. Even as I write this, I can hear Romani, a young lady from India, say “I really, really liked…” with here indian-english accent. It was really awesome to spend a week among educated but not arrogant people, who strive for more freedom and liberty all throughout the world. It was awesome to hear speakers who are experts on their topics, and not just hear them but interact with them. Those were not so much lectures as they were discussions, albeit the speakers did moderate and point the lecture to a specific direction. That is actually how I’ve always imagined formal school ought to look like. The point isn’t blind memorisation of what the professor wants, but civilized sharing of knowledge amongst all of us. Because in reality everyone has some insight and different experience to back up the suggested ideas, or rather contemplate and constructively question the suggested argument.

We even learned how to properly debate. That’s something that’s also lacking in Slovene educational system. Overall I’ve met some amazing people, learned a whole lot more and new, besides I’ve made some new friends.

Through the week I thought I was just going to take some snaps, but somehow more was needed. Thus I lent my Sony A6000 to Katja Kos, Staff, who took most of the photos of the lectures, and I took the rest, or rather those where my expertise was required. Thank you Katja.

One of the days, That I had the camera in my hands most of the time was when we went to slap Savica and tried to row in a kayak. Some of us were not so successful.

When The Seminars were over I thought I was just simply going to drive home and that that’s going to be it. But alas, I was gladly wrong, since not everyone left on Sunday night, some remained in order to leave in the morning 28th. Boris from Bulgaria and Romani from India however had a gap in the day: Boris’ flight was at 7PM and Romani couldn’t decide as to whether to leave for Italy in the evening or for Germany at midnight with a train. Since both were going my general direction and since I’ve enjoyed their company through the week, I decided that I shall give them a ride and we’ll hang out together to kill the time. We enjoyed our time together and I hope that we’ll meet again sometime.