Svetopisemski maraton 2015

Svetopisemski maraton 2015 2

I’ve been working with the Bible Society of Slovenia for a while now and one of the events, that it’s involved with is The Bible Marathon (Svetopisemski maratonwhich is, contrary to what it sounds like, not running with the Bible around, although that would be fun as well. It’s got to do with reading the Bible 24/7 for a week. The biggest side of my involvement is creating the graphics for the posters, leaflets, facebook, the website etc. As you know, I love doing graphic design among my other creative endeavors. While I’m not too fond of website development, I can do it and thus I’ve helped with that too. You can view it here: Furthermore I’ll get to photograph and film some of the event as well, which will be published by The Bible Society of Slovenia after the week.

You can download free PDF Leaflet here