Dar srca 2016, Ljubljana

20161030 213943 DSC01010 fullsize 2 - Dar srca 2016, Ljubljana

On Thurdsay in Radovljica and yesterday in Ljubljana I had the privilege to photograph an event, for which I beforehand also did graphics for, which you can find here. Titled “Skrivnost vrta” or in English “The Secret of the Garden” it’s a magnificent show which through beautiful performances show the story of Genesis, and how sin disrupted relationship between not only man and God but also between humans themselves; but all is not lost and relationships can be repaired, reformed. It’s a beautiful way to convey the message of reformation, in light of which it is done.

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Here are the photos from Ljubljana, where the group performed in Filharmonija (you can find a limited set on Facebook as well).

First Event was shot from upstairs


Second, Final event was shot from downstairs




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