My prayer this night…

My prayer this night… 2

The comfort of my bed, my room, full fridge, all of this is
abomination if it keeps me inside, away from spreading the love of
Christ from peoples of all nations, from my fellow Slovenes.
I long not for comfort and beautiful views, though I am captivated
by looking at them, they are all empty. My heart longs for Christ,
my mind hungers for knowledge, my arms want to be used,
my legs to be stretched, my soul to come back to the Father.
What shall I do? Shall I empty myself of all my possessions?
I am not my own, for I have been bought for a high price
by Christ almighty. Therefore all I am, including all I have is not my
own, but of God. Shall I hence give it all away? Leave it here? Shall
I just go? God, please reveal to me, what shall I do? May your
all-consuming fire engulf me and purify me so that I may be clean and
rid of all of things of this world. May Your will be known to me,
so that I may walk the narrow path you hath put before me.
Give me glimpses, clues, or just pointers, o Lord, so that I might
not miss them. Let Your light guide me.

Originally published on Jelovčanov:Matic, 05.01.2014