Hillsong in Budapest with my Nikon

This past Saturday I went to Budapest with Družina in Življenje. Thanks, Benjamin, for inviting me to join y’all.

This time I didn’t have my Sony A6000 with me, which I usually carry with my 50mm f1.7 lens, 16-50mm stock lens, and sometimes my 70-210 stock for travels. I had one of my students photograph another event with that camera. So I was stuck with my trusty old Nikon D300s. Sure, I often use it as a backup camera with a wide-to-normal-angle zoom lens, but it’s been a while since it’s been my primary Camera. Don’t take me wrong, it’s a great camera, despite it’s age, but it shows, that I’m used to see what I’ll get and make swift decisions accordingly without missed shots on my Sony. And the screen on it isn’t of the best quality, especially the bad color accuracy. The digital viewfinder with focus peeking is also a thing I missed, especially in the low-light environment in the Stadium where I missed a few shots because I simply couldn’t see where the correct focus was when manually focusing when it wouldn’t autofocus. For the record, I had only my nifty fifty Nikkor 50mm f1,8 AFD lens and my Sigma 17-50 f2,8 lenses with me.

Back to the story. This was a fun weekend. I woke up very early on Saturday to meet with DiŽ bus with which we headed towards Budapest. In Budapest we went to have some food and then headed to some church where we met with another Slovene team and had a joint Service. After some sightseeing with the other team and learning some Hungarian and Budapest history, we took Subway to the SportArena to see Hillsong Young and Free concert.

The message by the group was great, because they said couple of times something in the lines of: “you’re here because of the music and the lights, and surely God can move you through that, but let God move you outside of that too. When you leave the hall, don’t just leave it as is, but pick up a Bible and meet Jesus there as well. Let Jesus change you and affect you.” The Gospel message of Creation, Fall, Salvation and New Life was also very clear in the short video clips in between the songs.

Here’s a photo-story from the day.


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