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On Saturday, 23rd of September I photographed a wonderful wedding of a wonderful couple Ana and Morgan, a Slovene and an American, who got married in Radovljica, Slovenia.

Before everything even got started, they chose to have a photoshoot on the Kamen Castle just a couple minutes outside the city. Even though the groom is not supposed to see the bride before they get married, this was a wonderful chance for Ana to show herself before her would-be husband in a beautiful and picturesque ruins of a once formidable castle.

In the short pause, awaiting the civil ceremony in Šivčeva house, the groom was so hungry, that he ate an entire kebab, and thank God, he didn’t spill the sauce all over him. It was quite funny seeing the guys relaxed just before everything really started. Soon, though, family and friends started gathering. Especially the immediate family who witnessed the civil ceremony, which was administered in aforementioned Šivčeva house in a beautiful 16th century wooden room, which is intended for such ceremonies.

After a few more photos in Šivčeva house we headed to a building across the street, where the Church ceremony was to happen. This place was absolutely perfect for such ceremony and the amount of people invited. The ceremony was fun and beautiful. It’s so wonderful to see a church community and the newlyweds family worship God together and celebrate such a hopeful event together.

We continued the wedding with hanging out at the nearby restaurant, Grajska gostilnica, where we had amazing food, lots of fun and where we had a wonderful live music by theSecondHouseband. Ana and Morgan concluded their evening with a fireworks, which I wasn’t prepared for and was thus unable to make a good photo of. Of course some of us kept going and the last of us were done at around 4 in the morning.

Thank you, Ana and Morgan, for the privilege of being your photographer.



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