English Classes for Adults, Radovljica

English Classes for Adults, Radovljica | Matic Jelovčan Design

Last week I had a privilege to help out as a translator and a helper on English Classes for Adults in Radovljica, which our Church here organized. I am thankful for all the Americans who came here to serve and teach Slovenes how to speak English. They did a great job and a so did the “students” ranging from teens to elderly. Everyone learned a ton and had a lot of fun at the same time.

I also designed the poster

I also designed the poster

As for me, it was a blessing to be a part of it. Especially because many years ago I was on one of the camps that Christians lead. I was the one who was perplexed with the joy and passion those people had during that English Camp. Now, after I chose to follow Christ, and putting into practice, it was so nice and rewarding to hear that same sentiment from attendees this week. I pray that people who came and attended not only retain and improve their English speaking skills, but also meet the Christ who changed my life and the lives of everyone else who served this week.

Here’s a few snippets from it (and above there’s the poster I designed for the occasion):