Kids Camp 2019 “5 Incredibles”, Radovljica

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Last week, between 22nd and 27th of July, I was involved with the Kids Camp 2019 titled »5 Incredibles« which drew on five characters from Old Testament. The Camp was organized by Društvo VEČ Radovljica, EKC Radovljica, and my Fruma Institute. It was held in the elementary school in Radovljica.

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I helped with setup and visual image of both the ad material as well as how the stage would look like. Through Fruma Institute I also created a few educational tools and games for learning English. I also did part of the photography that week (some was also done by Vid Skumavec, who was a volunteer from our church).

I feel very blessed to be able to help with projects like these, where local community is served, in this case children, as well as Gospel is being proclaimed.

Here I’m only posting a few photos. The rest are made available only to parents of children who had attended the camp.


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