Katja got baptized

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This Saturday the morning and the early part of the day was, despite it being officially summer, quite chilly, rainy and foggy.

When I arrived to Radovljica to my pastor’s house, his wife was sad about the weather, for one of our church members, our Katja, was to be baptized. I didn’t worry about the weather though. I suggested that if about 20 people can fit into my tiny dining room, about 40 or so people that were to come (I was there first) will be quite cozy inside their house, which has a large open floor plan on the ground floor. People slowly started coming in and before you knew it lunch was served and songs were sung. Indeed, it was cozy but not crowded. As the time for baptism came, a miracle happened, that had seemed completely implausible just a few hours ago, the sun broke through the clouds, the mist and fog went away and the rain had stopped.

What a perfect image of life before and after one chooses to follow Christ. Before we were broken, missing the target all the time, sinful. Walking around in the grey world, where nothing seems right, where things are simply grey, damp and dreary sometimes. There may be glimpses of what it ought to be like, but most of it is hidden. But as one takes on Christ, and dies with Him on the Cross, he or she puts to death what was and lets God rise something new out of that. That is just like the sun, when its warmth and power heats up the ground and the air to carry the mists, the fogs and even the rain away. The impure, the sin is washed away. Just like in the baptism itself, where water washes away the sin, and is a symbol for when Christ on the Cross dies for us. And in this mystery water acts as medium of putting to death our own selves and sin in us, of insodoing clothing ourselves in Christ, and ultimately of being raised up anew, as a new creation resurrected from the death into a new life. This beautiful gift that is the mysterious sacrament of baptism.

From death to life. From grey, to colour. From wet to dry. From rain to sun. Indeed, from old life into a new one under Christ.

And here are the photos, which I hope will paint a good picture of the day.

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