KidsCamp 2017 and the rest of the previous week

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First I’m sorry for a late post on the previous week. I had many things to do, to follow up with and besides that I was a tad ill, from what I think was food poisoning at some restaurant.

So let’s go with last week then. First I’d like to say that it was an amazing week. Part of that is due to travelling with my bike to, from and throughout the duration of the camp. It took me a little bit less than 2 hours and an half to get from my home to Radovljica, starting at 6.30 AM to arrive early – that was a good half an hour longer due to additional weight for the rest of the week.

At 9 AM on Monday, the very same day I had arrived, first of the parents started bringing their children to the Camp, which we mostly had in KamRa, Radovljica. The camp was a product of joint cooperation between the Evangelical Church Radovljica, Društvo VEČ Radovljica, Municipality of Radovljica, LUR and Fruma Institute.

I’m very thankful for having been able to serve on Kids Camp. The kids were great. Sometimes it did seem a tad chaotic, but that’s to be expected with 43 children. Next year I hope there’s going to be more of us helpers and leaders, because there was more people who had signed their kids up, that could attend, and hopefully we’ll be able to expand it. I think this is a lot due to kids over the last few years really enjoying the camp and the word spreads quickly and well. How do I know about at least some truth of that? Well, there’s been numerous examples, since it’s a day camp, when parents, grandparents or guardians come to pick up kids and they always need to at least wait for them, sometimes their children even say something akin to “I don’t want to go. We’re having so much fun.” And fun they are having. But not only that. They’re learning English. They’re learning Bible verses. They’re hanging out with Jesus-following Slovenes and Americans and with other children. Often enough it proves to be a great thing that we have kids of not only one age group, but mix them, because this gives us the ability to teach them responsibility for each other as well.

It indeed was an awesome camp. I was in charge of photography, chief of media, some translation and other support. I had spent some time with my frined Matej Kranjec, a younger lad, who I had for slideshow to be in charge for and he did it splendidly. Other than that I have to give thanks to Joy Kelley, Josie Kelley and Matej as well for using my other camera so that we could cover different aspects of the Camp. That was especially important during English Classes, when I was mostly needed as a translator in one of the classes. (As a sidenote, up above I only posted a short selection of photos. The rest are only available to the parents of children. If you’re one of them and didn’t receive a link, shoot me an email, and I’ll forward you the link with all the photos and videos, also those that contain photos from Joe Kelley, who took children rafting, and perhaps someone else as well.)

I am also thankful to Forjan family for having been able to spend the nights in their quest-room and the latter part of the day with their family.

At the end of the week I left as I came. With my bike. First I thought I was going to go back the same way I came, which is Lancovo via Lipnica to Kranj, but I didn’t. As I was looking at the cycling signs, I noticed that there was one going to Kranj via Besnica. That, as I was contemplating it, meant that I would probably have to go up for some time. Considering I had nothing else planned for that day, I decided and went that route. It sure was quite a bit of climbing, several hundred meters I’d say (my Strava seemed not to work that day at all, so I can’t know how much for certain), but it sure was worth it. The views were spectacular and going back down towards Kranj was nice, because my speed going down combined with the shade of the trees made it for a much cooler and pleasant experience to what could have been, had I taken the “regular” route.

I will end this post with a prayer. I pray, that children who came to the camp would think about it, and that they would see Jesus through our lives, that we might continue being the light the brightly shines Him. And I pray, that those kids, or at least some of them, might join us for the Children’s Club, that starts again in the fall.


Even though Children’s Camp was almost free of charge for the kids (with the exception of paying for food which was only 30€ ), these Camps cost us who help, time, money, resources, space. Americans for example sacrificed their vacation time to serve Slovene children and paid for their tickets here. The rest of us Slovenes sacrificed our time when we could have worked in a summer job or alike. The same goes with me. Therefore if you like what you see and want to enable me to serve here in Radovljica even more, consider supporting me by hiring me for photography or donating here bellow.

Have a blessed day.