Lonely Christmas

Lonely Christmas 6

You know that time, when you’d wish that Christmas was the day when your family was not just present but actually there. That you’d actually do things together, not just observe them watch TV. That eating a meal together wouldn’t be so mundane and overly usual… Oh well. It wasn’t all that “cold” but it was close to that.

So I went upstairs and read. I did some self-reflection. I prayed… But I really needed to go out. I needed to spend some time with God. It was cold two hours, but it was nice. Full moon lit the entire frozen ground and fog slowly dropped from the hillsides. I took my camera with me. Too often I just forget it. And usually when I do, there’s something to see that I would want to share with someone. I was glad I took it this time. I really should do it more often.