Making Hybrid Zoom Calls a Reality

Over the years I’ve done a lot of different things. Over some period of time, being an Audio Technician, however amateur-ish was also a part of it. So when Marko Ipavec, who’s coordinating Trauma Healing programs here in Slovenia, asked me to help him with that, I didn’t hesitate. Especially since getting the equipment isn’t so hard, however when doing such complex setups, it’s more inconvenient to troubleshoot how to do things well so that there isn’t any audio interference on either side of the call.

The situation, and thus Audio needs, changed a little bit over the three or so weekends when the meetings were held, but overall this is what was needed to conduct these Hybrid meetings:

  • A room of participants (we were under the legal limit, which was present due to Wuhan CoVid-19 Virus restrictions) had to be heard over Zoom without them having to have their own laptops with them.
  • Several persons on Zoom (sometimes in breakout rooms, sometimes all included) had to be able to hear the participants and be able to speak
  • At times translation to English speaking people who joined us over Zoom had to be conducted without distraction to in situ participants
  • At times translation from English to Slovene had to be conducted without distraction to those who understood English
  • At times separate translations from Slovene to English had to be conducted to individuals on the other side of Zoom without distraction to in situ participants and without distraction to the rest of those who joined over Zoom
  • I was also tasked with taking a few clips and photos in the midst of all of this, and on the last day translate from Slovene to English, since the brilliant Benjamin Siter, who had previously joined us for translation, wasn’t there on the last Sunday. 

The organizer was very pleased with how it all turned out, I was happy that there weren’t any technical hiccups along the way and above all we were all happy that this was done before new lockdowns that have since gone into effect.

The hope is, that people who were there on the Trauma Healing programs have been equipped well enough thus far, so as to continue with the amazing task, that they are doing: that is helping people who have faced traumatic experiences.

Along the way, as aforementioned, I also took a few photos.


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