Ogledalo demokracije

Ogledalo demokracije 11

Yesterday I was invited to photograph the event titled “The mirror of Democracy” wich was organized by društvo Svetilnik, whose aim is to promote ideas of liberty. The event was quite interesting because the two guest speakers: president of the national assembly dr. Milan Brglez (SMC is politically supposedly mid-left) and mag. Matej Tonin from NSi (politically supposedly mid-right party, calling themselves christian democrats). They had an interesting discussion of where we are in Slovenia as a democracy, and how to proceed… Although I anticipated that mag. Tonin would be pro markets, it was interesting for me to hear from both of them, that they wouldn’t mind a lot of things to get into more market setting with an interesting twist. Dr. Brglez intrestingly favoured education to remain publicly funded and owned with possibility fot more private institutions, while he was open to let Medical System loose into market economy. I honestly haven’t anticipated that. While mag. Tonin did say, that he deems healthcare to be more important than education, he proposed more competition amongst insurance companies for medical insurance.

In spite of my general hate of Slovene politics and how they generally tend to screw things up, I was positively surprized with what both guests had to say, albeit I would still prefer total freedom.

Here are the photos:

88x31 - Ogledalo demokracije
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