Promo’ Material for the Bible Society

Promo' Material for the Bible Society 2

Today I helped pack a few dozen envelopes with promo material that was finished just days ago. It’s amazing how fast print shops print and ship them these days. Here’s a sample of what we packed (in bigger quantities for parishes):

20160122 DSC06425 - Promo' Material for the Bible Society

So what’s up with these three things?

1. Bible Society of Slovenia presentation leaflet

For about a month there were couple of projects I’ve been co-working on. One of them is a Bible Society leaflet, which had to be rebuilt on top of the old original leaflet so that the Bible Society can use it as one of the promo materials that one would get in the Bible one buys and elsewhere.

2. “Z Besedo do srca” foundraising appeal

In light of the Sunday of The Bible, which is on January 31st, the Bible Society and Slovene Biblical Movement also wanted to appeal to people to donate for Bible advocacy and for people who don’t have resources to buy a Bible.

3. “E100” Bookmark

Some time ago The Bible Society published a book called Bistvenih sto (Essential 100), which I did the page layout for, and while sales thereof were quite good, the Bible Society wants to promote it a bit more as well, so that people use it as a tool more and read the Bible more. Hence the following bookmark, which is partially an encouragement to read, a challenge to use Lectio Divina approach whilst reading, and to actually read a big chunk of the Bible, enveloped in the hundred verses picked in the book and inside the bookmark.


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