Sith Birthday Present

Sith Birthday Present 2

So. My friend had a birthday today. Like myself, he is also a Star Wars fan. Also, this December the new (VII) episode is coming out. What better gift would then be, if it weren’t tied into Star Wars, right?

So that’s what I made him. I made him a Sith Flag that looks as if it were just torn from some wall in a derelict Imperial Base; and a box with embossed Imperial logo and “Special Limited Edition” to go with it. One couldn’t just put the flag into the bag and be done with it.

Comment down or subscribe if you want to learn how to make one yourself, I might make a “how to video” about it. It’s about time I start making some videos for y’all. 🙂 If you like it and want me to make a personalized gift for your friends or loved ones, let’s talk and make something cool and unique.