Svetopisemski maraton 2015 2

Svetopisemski maraton 2015

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I’ve been working with the Bible Society of Slovenia for a while now and one of the events, that it’s involved with is The Bible Marathon (Svetopisemski maraton) which is, contrary to what it sounds like, not running with the Bible around, although that would be fun as well. It’s got to do with reading the […]

Mission Net Slovenia - Conference 1

Mission Net Slovenia – Conference

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On Saturday, 22.3.2014, Mission-Net Slovenia held a conference on which we listened to several lectures, debated and got to meet Christians from various places, organizations and groups in Slovenia. More photos are available on Facebook and Flickr.   V soboto, 22.3.2014 je bila na lokaciji Binkoštne Cerkve Ljubljana konferenca Mission-Net Slovenija, na kateri smo poslušali nekaj […]