Trekking to Smlednik

Trekking to Smlednik 2

I’ve been thinking. The way I’ve imagined it, it will be quite difficult to force myself to take random peaks and hike them out of the impulse. And so that I would not get bored but still get increasing amount of exercise, I decided that I shall walk. I think that in a long run I could call it trekking. To make it even harder, I intentionally put my (heavy) camera bag into my backpack, so that it was almost full, with everything weighing around 9 kg. I guess I want to practice before I buy a huge one that I could probably have difficulties mounting and carrying for a longer duration. Today I had walked almost 17 km in around three hours. I walked from Orehek, the south of Kranj, where I left my car and headed towards to Smlednik. Unfortunately there was very few photo worthy opportunities… Therefore only this one got picked to be used, besides, I might use it for a composite photo later on. Maybe some other time.