V drami odrešenja

V drami odrešenja 8

In the next week, Bible Society of Slovenia will publish a book V drami odrešenja which you can pre-order on their website. I have had the pleasure of designing the cover with one of my photos as well, and doing the page layout for this little but important book.

The book, English title of which would be something like Start living your role “In the Drama of Salvation” whilst taking a look at the Bible as a whole, is a short, 48 page book covering, as the “long” title suggests, the entire Bible. It can be used for Bible Study in Slovene in 6 lessons. It’s a translation of a book published by BFBS, originally titled Taking Shape – Seeing the Bible Whole. 

Here are just samples from the book:

For advertizing it, the ad was also produced.