“Alien”, Performing Arts Camp 2016 Show

20160807 DSC01452 - "Alien", Performing Arts Camp 2016 Show

Yet another year students from Performing Arts Camp made a spectacular show. All of you who have been at more than one performance in the last several years, let me tell you, the progression is clearly visible. They outdid themselves this time as well. Youth that had performed, had learned all of it in just one week. They were simply amazing.

This year the show was a tad different in its structure than the other ones, because the entirety thereof wasn’t only thematically connected, but also had a story, a plotline, that was flowing throught the entire show.

I was photographer for both shows that happened this last weekend in Antonov dom in Ljubljana. I decided to shoot the first one downstairs.

The next day, on Sunday I was there a tad early. I got to see the rehearsal, preparations and also make group photos of the PAC 2016 group.

Alas, the last Show “Alien” commenced. This time I was upstairs so that I got a different view. I really need to get a 70-200mm f2.8 lens for either my Sony or Nikon. Sometimes there was just for two stops too dark and it was sometimes difficult to have a manual focus 70-210 f4.5 lens stabilized. Here’s the second set though: