Kids Camp 2016, Radovljica

Kids Camp 2016, Radovljica | Matic Jelovčan Design

Sorry for the late post on this… As noted on Facebook, Windows 10 update bricked my UEFI and MBR on my laptop so I had to find some workarounds. Luckily everything works now and I’m back working as normal.

As the title suggests, this post is not on me fixing my laptop, but photos and Kids Camp. After some turbulent times not being in what would people call a church, although The Bible Society of Slovenia kind of was my “Ekklesia” in that time,  I missed being in a more direct ministry.

In my church in Radovljica, which I now go to, I had an opportunity to serve on Kids Camp as well as be hired to do photos for that week. This is awesome, because I love serving, thereby working with younglings, and as you know one of my greatest passions is also photography. Joining both was such a blessing for me. For one, it’s lovely working with kids. It’s certainly true, that they have a lot of energy but somehow they give back so much more than you put in them… Somehow they managed to jump me up in some way and awaken parts of me that I forgot were there. It’s been a really joyful experience as well as heartbreaking one in some way. You see, some kids are from broken families. And I can remember clearly when one of them said: “I wish my dad played with me like that.” or “why isn’t he you my dad?” It brought tears to my eyes because kids are supposed to be the joy of their parents and not neglected. Fathers especially, and mothers too, ought to be much more invested in the lives of their children. Since I’m single and have no kids of my own it was a privilege spending quality time with these kids. Perhaps, and I hope time and money permits, I will sign up to Kids Ministry in Radovljica in order to be more invested in kids lives in this city.

Here bellow are some photos from the Camp, but if you attended or want to see more, click here.