Handcrafted Book Binding with Wooden Covers and Leather Spine

I was commissioned to craft a book that would have wooden covers. Since time was short and of the essence, I also proceeded to print and bind the entirety of the book block. It has a glue reinforced and stitched spine. The main block is glued to the wooden covers on its sturdier printed and custom designed end-sheets. The Cover is custom made out of two laser cut and laser engraved pieces of high grade poplar plywood which is bound together with glued on genuine leather that is reinforced at the spine. While not photographed, I had also sewn a canvas sleeve for the book that was nicely laced up with a royal blue ribbon as it was to be presented as a gift.

If you yourself would like a custom one of a kind book like this, a perfect gift for someone who enjoys reading a good and well crafted book, then contact me and we’ll make it happen.