PAC Show 2017

2017 08 20 17.07.19DSC09840 Web - PAC Show 2017

On Sunday I photographed the Performing Arts Camp show (actually two of them) that they had in Ljubljana. It was a great show. If I try summing up the message, I would say that it was a message about a revolution, not an anarchist revolution, but a personal revolution; that one is revolutionized as a person through Jesus and can thus make his life anew through the meaning that God gives instead of man or ideology. I really liked the show. If you haven’t seen it, there are photos down here in three batches.

First here are the group photos of PAC2017.


Here are the photos from the first performance on Sunday (at 16.00) and if you scroll down, there’s more (of those at 19.00).

And finally there’s photos from the late show (at 19.00) here:


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